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Teams and Philosophies


  • The Winona WinStars organization provides girls ages 5-18 the opportunity to learn and play competitive fastpitch softball and represent their community at local, regional, state, and even national levels during the summer months
  • The WinStars organization was founded in 1997 and is sanctioned by Minnesota Softball. Minnesota Softball is the statewide governing body of amateur softball in Minnesota and an affiliate of USA Softball (Formerly known as ASA Softball). 
  • The WinStars organization is run by a board of directors consisting of volunteers (parents and community members).  The goal of the WinStars program, at all levels, is to provide a great opportunity for players to the skills necessary for higher level of competition while making new friends, learning to be a part of a team, and having fun!  Good sportsmanship and a positive attitude are a must!
  • Women’s fastpitch softball is a high school, college, and professional sport.  Many of these players come out of local programs like the Winona WinStars.  The WinStars program could be a beginning to a great future in women’s fastpitch softball for your daughter

Teams we offer

WeeStars (ages 5-7)

  • An in-house program in which girls will receive instruction on the fundamentals of softball.
  • The play is very elementary with emphasis on learning basic softball skills, general knowledge of fastpitch softball, and sportsmanship. 
  • This is a development program and there are no games played against other teams.
  • The registration fee of $75 includes a team t-shirt.

WinStars (League teams for ages 8U and up)

  • Teams will participate in weekly practices and play games once weekly in regional league play. 
  • Games that are not played in Winona will be played at a neutral site in order to keep travel time down, but may be played at the opponents field if travel is within 30-45 min drive . 
  • Teams will play up to four tournaments including the Stars and Strikes tournament hosted by the WinStars (10U and up only).  
  • Further skill development and knowledge of specific position play are coached and emphasized at these age levels.
  • The registration fee for these age groups is $175 for 8U and $250 for 10U and up.  In addition to registration fees all players are required to purchase uniforms.  

WinStars Velocity  (Tournament teams for ages 12U and up)

  • Teams will participate in weekly practices and play games once weekly in regional league games.
  • Teams will play in up to 7 tournaments including the Stars and Strikes tournament hosted by the WinStars.  
  • The registration fee for these age groups is $375.  In addition to registration fees all players are required to purchase uniforms. 
  • All players interested in playing on a WinStars Velocity will be required to attend tryouts. 

Velocity Tryouts 

If a level(s) of WinStars is to have tryouts this will be the system used for all tryouts:

  • A Board member will host the tryouts. 
  • The objective of tryouts is to fill the teams based on the predetermined criteria found in the Level and Expectations page of the Winstars rules. 
  • Coaches and in the case of Velocity teams, guest evaluators will look at each athlete’s softball potential consisting of skill, knowledge, coachability, etc.
  • Coaches, evaluators and the Board will decide what team each player is on, not parents.  In the case of lower levels, the Board may ask parents for special considerations that may help create teams, however the considerations are only to help and circumstances may not permit the parent/athletes from having their wishes fulfilled.   
  • Effective for the 2025 season: Any athlete trying out for Velocity Teams will have to accept their position within one week of the posting of teams.  Anyone trying out and not accepting the spot will not be able to try out for WinStars softball for a period of two years unless they decide to play for a non-Velocity WinStars team. 


  • Players will be put with their age appropriate team.  Advancement is not encouraged unless both coaches, parents and the Board come to an agreement that advancement is what is best for the athlete.  
  • A formal written request must be submitted to the WinStars Board at to request a player advancement for the upcoming season.
  • Players will not be asked to “play down” unless there is not a team for their appropriate grade level and the Board and coaches do not feel they could advance.  

Additional information can be found on individual team pages.

Liability: The WinStars organization, its volunteers or appointed board members assume no responsibility for any personal injury or loss that any team member or spectator may incur as a result of the program.  Individuals are encouraged to have their own personal health/accident plan for any such injuries that occur.

Any questions regarding teams or registration may be directed to